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Welcome Dashboard

Engage your hires from before they start

Remove some of the stress and uncertainty that comes with starting a new role. Let your hires know what to expect from their first few months.

Hires can see which onboarding sessions they’ll have

Give your hires an idea of what their first few weeks and months are going to look like.

Set hires to-dos for before and after they join

Help your hires to be fully prepared for their first day and their first few months by giving them a checklist.

Give them relevant information before their first day

Access can be given before they start, even as soon as they accept the offer.

Content will update after their start date, staying relevant and helping them get up to speed.


People and Talent Coordinator, carwow

“Those first few weeks are really key. Having a smooth entry into your job is the difference between settling well into that company or not, it means we know that person has access to the right information but more importantly at the right time.”

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