Sadly, Personably is shutting down. You can read more here.


Have everything set up for their first day

Automatically add your new hires to the tools they need, ready for their arrival.

Schedule emails to send to them before they start and keep your team in the loop.

Power up the tools you use

Personably can automatically:

  • create Google and Slack accounts

  • add hires to Google groups or other people tools

  • send emails to the new hire or internal teams

Create reusable personalised templates

Email templates can include placeholders like @HireName, @StartDate and @ManagerName.

The email will be populated with the right details for each hire and be sent to them at the time you set.


Set repetitive tasks to complete automatically

Specify how long before or after a hire’s start date a task should happen, and for which roles.

The task will complete automatically, or you will be notified to complete it yourself.


People & Talent Director, Cytora

“A lot of these other systems are just a to-do list, and what you end up with is a big list of stuff… We wanted something that, rather than just telling us what we needed to do, would actually do it for us. That’s why we switched to Personably.”

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