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Start delivering an outstanding onboarding experience



Hiring under 4 people/month

£60per hire

With no monthly commitment, pay for what you use


Hiring up to 15 people/month

£50per hire

With a monthly minimum based on your hiring rate

Enterprise & High-growth

Hiring over 15 people/month

With a monthly minimum based on your hiring rate

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We recommend the Scale-up plan

You'll hire around


people per month

You'll pay around


per month

This plan includes a minimum commitment of £200 per month

With Personably you can…

Keep in touch with your hires effortlessly

Make them feel part of the team in that gap between accepting their offer and their first day.

Have everything set up for their first day

Automatically add hires to the tools they need, ready for their arrival.

Keep your team in the loop.

Collaborate on training up new hires

Then automatically schedule sessions into calendars at the right time for each hire.

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