Sadly, Personably is shutting down. You can read more here.

Personably is shutting down

We're really sad to say we've had to make the decision to shut down Personably.  

Like most venture capital backed start-ups we were reliant on external funding to progress. We weren't able to raise that next round of funding that we needed to take the company forwards.

We still believe that improving people processes is the key to making employees and therefore the companies they're part of more successful. We started with onboarding but had plans beyond that.  Our vision was to help people do great work.  

We wanted to take this as an opportunity to say thank you.

Thanks to all of our customers as well as anybody who tried or gave us feedback on the product. We wouldn't have been able to get this far without your willingness to try Personably and your suggestions on how to improve it.  

Thanks to everyone who freely offered advice and introductions over the past few years. It made building an early stage company that bit easier and meant we always knew someone who would know someone who could help.

And finally thanks to our amazing team - Ruth, Jesse, Jacob and Alexandra. You took a chance in joining a very early stage start-up. Though it didn't work out this time we built a great product, had fun and learnt a lot in the process. We really enjoyed working with you all and are glad you've moved on to some exciting things!

While this is not the outcome we hoped for, we're really proud of the team we brought together and the product we built.


Katerina and Lewis

Founders of Personably